buy 4-FPD Crystals and Powder(100 g) online


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buy 4-FPD Crystals and Powder(100 g) online

4-FPD Crystals/Powder

4-fluoro Pentedrone is an analog of pentedrone that features a fluorine atom

added at the 4 position of the phenyl ring.

Other names: 4F-pentedrone , 4-fluoro-pentedrone

IUPAC name: 2-fluoromethyl-1-phenylpentan-1-o

Formula: C13H18FNO

Purity: 99,2% min

Appearance: white powder or…wder100-g-online/ ‎

buy 4-FPD Crystals and Powder(100 g) online

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buy 4-FPD Crystals and Powder(100 g) online

– a printed bag of aluminum foil containing a chemical of the first class 4F-Pentedrone


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that before placing an order you

checked the legality of the necessary chemicals.

Independently check the list of prohibited substances in your country.

We want you to place an order only for legally permitted substances in your country.

buy 4-FPD Crystals and Powder(100 g) online

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4F-Pentedrone (4-FPD) is a cathinone drug, which is a variation of the

Pentedrone analog and has the same properties.

buy 4-FPD Crystals and Powder(100 g) online

4F-Pentedron is regulated by law in countries such as the United States.

4F-Pentedrone is produced in a modern laboratory by professionals who know

their business, which makes this product as high quality as possible.

buy 4-FPD Crystals and Powder(100 g) online



  • 4F-Pentedrone
  • 4-fluoro-pentedrone
  • 4-FPD
IUPAC  2-fluoromethyl-1-phenylpentan-1-one
Formula  C13H18FNO
Molecular weight 181.25 g/mol
CAS  879669-95-1
Appearance Crystal, powder
Purity ≥ 99 %

The side-effects of this compound have not been investigated.

This product is intended for research and legal work.

Storage conditions of this chemical: in a cool and dry place.

The stability of this chemical compound can last up to 2 years,

under the right storage conditions.


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