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What is Ethylphenidate HCL Powder?

Ethylphenidate HCL is a novel stimulant belonging to the piperidine class which causes the effects of a traditional stimulant.

It is an analog of methylphenidate.

It is used for research purposes.

What are the different forms or types of Ethylphenidate HCL?

Ethylphenidate HCL Powder is available in the form of a coarse white, off-white, or yellowish crystalline powder.

What are the other street names of Ethylphenidate HCL Powder?

The street names of  Ethylphenidate HCL Powder  are as follows:

  • Nopaine
  • Gogaine
  • Ching
  • Burst
  • Blue
  • Magic crystals
  • Psyclone

Where to buy Ethylphenidate HCL Powder?

You can buy Ethylphenidate HCL Powder from our online store.

We ship the product worldwide.

How Ethylphenidate HCL Powder works?

It lets the dopamine and norepinephrine to get accumulated within the brain, which results in stimulating and euphoric effects.

What are the uses of drug Ethylphenidate HCL Powder?

Ethylphenidate HCL Powder doesn’t have any approved medical or industrial uses.

What is the dosage of Ethylphenidate HCL Powder?

10-20mg of Ethylphenidate HCL Powder is considered to be the threshold limit, 40-80mg is the common dosage limit and 80-120 is the heavy dosage limit.

For most people, the dose below 40 mg is considered to be light and beyond that i.e 80-120 is considered to be strong.

Ethylphenidate HCL Powder Overdose:

What are the short and long-term effects of Ethylphenidate HCL Powder?

The impacts of Ethylphenidate HCL  powder are enumerated below:

The intake of Ethylphenidate HCL causes the person to feel energetic and stimulating.
. All this is the result of the forced outcome of the drug.

This causes extreme shaking of the full body, unsteady hands and lack of motor control.
2.Experiencing dehydration
3.Suppression of appetite.
4.The occurrence of vasoconstriction.
5.occurrence of an increase in the heart rate
6.An increase in the blood pressure
7.Experiencing teeth grinding
8.The occurrence of the focus enhancement which is more effective at low to moderate dosages. It lasts for a short duration and is quite compulsive.
11.The occurrence of thought acceleration
12.Experiencing wakefulness
It leads to anxiety, cognitive fatigue, depression, irritability, motivation suppression, deceleration of thought and wakefulness.
14. The abrasive nature of the Ethylphenidate HCL has a caustic impact on the mucous membranes.
15. The drug has a high potential for abuse and can cause the users to be psychologically dependent on it. Its chronic use is addictive in nature.
16. Withdrawal symptoms occur if you stop taking the drug immediately.
17. On repeated use, the person develops tolerance towards the drugs.

>It takes 3-7 days for tolerance reduction by half and 1-2weels to be back to the original state without consumption.

18. Ethylphenidate HCL has a  cross- tolerance with the dopaminergic

This implies that after the consumption of this drug, the impact of other stimulants will decrease.

How to get Ethylphenidate HCL Powder prescription?

You can’t get a prescription for Ethylphenidate HCL Powder as it has no legal medical use.

What is the legal status of Ethylphenidate HCL Powder?

The  Ethylphenidate HCL Powder has no legal medical, and industrial use.

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