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Product Name: Lisinopril (Prinivil Zestril)
Dosage: 40 mg – 30 mg – 20 mg
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Lisinopril (Zestril, Prinivil, Qbrelis) is an ACE inhibitor prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure, heart failure, and heart attack, and prevention of kidney failure due to high blood pressure. Review side effects, drug interactions, dosage, pregnancy and other safety information prior to taking any medication.


What is lisinopril, and how does it work (mechanism of action)?
Firstly, Lisinopril is an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor used for treating high blood pressure, Buy Lisinopril 40 mg Online , Order Low Prices Lisinopril 30 mg , Lisinopril at retail prices , Lisinopril For Sale In US , Buy Lisinopril 20 mg
Secondly, heart failure and for preventing kidney failure due to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Hence, Other ACE inhibitors include:

enalapril (Vasotec)
quinapril (Accupril)
captopril (Capoten)
fosinopril (Monopril)
benazepril (Lotensin)
ramipril (Altace)
moexipril (Univasc)
trandolapril (Mavik)

Therefore, ACE is important because it is an enzyme responsible for producing the chemical, angiotensin II.
Above all, Angiotensin II causes muscles in most arteries, including the arteries of the heart,
to contract, thereby narrowing the arteries and elevating blood pressure.
After that, ACE inhibitors such as lisinopril lower blood pressure by reducing the production of angiotensin II, thereby relaxing arterial muscle and enlarging arteries.
When the blood pressure is lower, the heart – including the failing heart – does not have to work as hard to pump blood.
The arteries supplying the heart with blood also enlarge during treatment with ACE inhibitors.
This increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart, further improving the ability of the heart to pump blood.

During, The effects of ACE inhibitors are particularly beneficial to people with congestive heart failure.
In the kidneys, the narrowing of the arteries by angiotensin II decreases blood flow and damages the kidneys.
ACE inhibitors enlarge and reduce the blood pressure in the arteries going to the kidney.
This reduces damage to the kidneys caused by the high blood pressure.
The FDA approved lisinopril in December 1987.

What brand names are available for lisinopril?
Zestril, Prinivil, and Qbrelis are the brand names available for this drug.

Is lisinopril available as a generic drug? Yes, it’s available in generic form.

Do I need a prescription for this medication? Yes

What are the side effects of lisinopril?
For instance, First doses of lisinopril can cause dizziness due to a drop in blood pressure.

This drug also can cause:

Nasal congestion
Sexual dysfunction
Like all ACE inhibitors, lisinopril may cause a nonproductive cough that resolves when the drug is discontinued.

In Other Words, Lisinopril should be stopped if there are symptoms or signs of an allergic reaction including feelings of swelling of the face,
lips, tongue or throat. Severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and hives occasionally occur.

Rarely, lisinopril may cause a decrease in red blood cells (anemia), white blood cells (leukopenia), and platelets (thrombocytopenia). Lisinopril at retail prices – Buy Lisinopril 20 mg

What is the dosage of lisinopril, and how should I take it?
Most Importantly, The starting dose of lisinopril for treating heart failure is 5 mg daily, and the effective dose range for treating heart failure is 5-40 mg daily. Lisinopril For Sale In US
In Addition, The dose can be increased by 10 mg every 2 weeks to achieve the maximum effect.
Meanwhile, The starting dose of lisinopril for treating high blood pressure is 10 mg daily.
The usual dose range is 20-40 mg daily. A dose of 80 mg is not much more effective than 40 mg.
Treatment of heart attack is started with an initial dose of 5 mg followed by 5 mg after 24 hours,
10 mg after 48 hours, and then 10 mg daily. Treatment is continued for 6 weeks. Lisinopril For Sale In US – Buy Lisinopril 20 mg

Which drugs or supplements interact with lisinopril?
In general, lisinopril should not be taken with potassium supplements or diuretics that conserve potassium, for example,
hydrochlorothiazide/triamterene (Dyazide), since blood potassium levels may rise to dangerous levels. Buy Lisinopril 40 mg Online

in addition, There have been reports that aspirin and other nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen (Advil, Children’s Advil/Motrin,
PediaCare Fever,
and many others),
indomethacin (Indocin, Indocin-SR),
and naproxen (Anaprox, Naprelan, Naprosyn, Aleve)
may reduce the effects of ACE inhibitors. Order Low Prices Lisinopril 30 mg

Nitritoid reactions (symptoms of facial flushing, nausea, vomiting and hypotension) may occur when injectable gold sodium aurothiomalate used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, is combined with ACE inhibitors, including lisinopril. Lisinopril at retail prices

Is lisinopril safe to take if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
Meanwhile, Lisinopril should not be taken during pregnancy because fetuses and neonates have died when lisinopril was administered during pregnancy. Order Low Prices Lisinopril 30 mg

What else should I know about lisinopril?
What preparations of lisinopril are available?
Tablet: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 mg

How should I keep lisinopril stored?
Lisinopril should be stored in a dry place at 15 C to 30 C (59 F to 86 F).

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