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Product Name: Myalept (metreleptin)
Dosage: 11.3 mg – Vial
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Myalept is a powder medicine that must be mixed with a liquid. Myalept (metreleptin) is used together with diet to treat complications caused by leptin deficiency in people who have lipodystrophy (also called fat redistribution). Lipodystrophy (LIP-oh-DIS-tro-fee) is a problem with the way the body stores fat. Myalept is not for use in people who have lipodystrophy caused by taking medicine to treat HIV or AIDS. Myalept may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.


Buy Myalept Subcutaneous Powder

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Myalept (metreleptin), a prescription medication,

is a leptin replacement therapy used with a doctor-recommended diet to treat problems

caused by not having enough leptin (leptin deficiency) in people with generalized lipodystrophy.

Dosage Forms & Strengths

Secondly, lyophylized powder for reconstitution

11.3mg (5mg/mL when reconstituted with 2.2 mL water for injection)

Buy Myalept Subcutaneous Powder

Hence, Indicated as replacement therapy

(in addition to diet) for the complications of leptin deficiency

in patients with congenital generalized or acquired generalized lipodystrophy


Administer by SC injection once daily at the same time each day

≤40 kg (males or females)

Initial daily dose: 0.06 mg/kg (0.012 mL/kg) SC

Dose adjustments: 0.02 mg/kg (0.004 mL/kg)

Maximum daily dose: 0.13 mg/kg (0.026 mL/kg)

Initial daily dose: 2.5 mg (0.5 mL) SC

Dose adjustments: 1.25-2.5 mg (0.25-0.5 mL)

Maximum daily dose: 10 mg (2 mL) Cheap Metreleptin Powder
Females >40 kg

Initial daily dose: 5 mg (1 mL) SC

Dose adjustments: 1.25-2.5 mg (0.25-0.5 mL)
Maximum daily dose: 10 mg (2 mL)

Buy Myalept Subcutaneous

Coadministration with insulin or insulin secretagogue (eg, sulfonylurea,

meglitinide derivatives): Dosage adjustments,

including possible large reductions,

of insulin or insulin secretagogue may be necessary in some patients to minimize the risk of hypoglycemia.

Buy Myalept Subcutaneous powder

Dosing Considerations

Safety and efficacy not established for

Treatment of complications of partial lipodystrophy

Treatment of liver disease,

including nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
HIV-related lipodystrophy

Use in patients with metabolic disease,

including diabetes mellitus and hypertriglyceridemia,

without concurrent evidence of generalized lipodystrophy
Discontinuing due to pancreatitis risk

Buy Myalept Subcutaneous

When discontinuing therapy in patients with risk factors for pancreatitis

(eg, history of pancreatitis, severe hypertriglyceridemia),

taper the dose over a 1-week period

During tapering,

monitor triglyceride levels and consider initiating

or adjusting the dose of lipid-lowering medications as needed

Signs and/or symptoms consistent with pancreatitis should prompt an appropriate clinical evaluation.


Additional information

11.3 mg


1 vial, 10 vials, 14 vials, 3 vials, 5 vials

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